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What is Landcare?

Landcare is an Australia wide movement of people concerned about Australia's land use.   Landcare originated in Victoria as a partnership between the Victorian Premier, Joan Kirner and the president of the Victorian Farmers fFederation, Heather Mitchell in 1987.  All Victorian Landcare groups belong to the Victorian Farm Tree and Landcare Association (FTLA).  Landcare brings the community together to learn, identify and address local issues relating to land and water use. Landcare encourages good land management, the appreciation of natural resources and strengthens communities by acknowledging a shared 'sense of place'.

Why Southern Dandenongs Landcare Group?
The Dandenong Ranges National Park is the source of many creeks which run into the Yarra River, Hobson's Bay and Western Port Bay. Selby has the headwaters of creeks which discharge into the Port Phillip and Westernport catchments. Monbulk Creek has headwaters in the DRNP, private property and on Black Hill, Selby.  Monbulk Creek  becomes Dandenong Creek,  emptying into the Edithvale/Seaford wetlands and continuing via the Patterson River, entering Port Philip Bay at Mordialloc.  Muddy Creek, a tributary of Cardinia Creek, also has headwaters on Black Hill in Selby. Monbulk Creek catchment is home to metropolitan Melbourne's largest platypus population, now considered threatened.  Cardinia Creek also has a platypus population so how we care for our local catchments on public and private land in the southern Dandenongs is critical to waterway and platypus health.

What do Landcarers actually do?

• Learn about local plants and wildlife, and the difference between environmental weeds and indigenous plants.
• Improve the natural environment and local bio-diverasity
• Gain an understanding of water catchments, healthy
streams and creeks and our human dependence on them for healthy communities.

• Work co-operatively with authorities/agencies responsible for environmental management such as Yarra Ranges Council, Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria, the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority etc.

• Provide an official incorporated body to raise funds for big and small projects ( e.g. contract weed spraying) on public and private land.

» Have project days to remove weed infestation and plant out designated areas in order to conserve endangered flora and fauna and improve amenity.
• Have fun and get a sense of satisfaction by creating rewarding community partnerships.

What are the benefits of being a Landcare member?
• Networking with local people who have experience in on-ground land management in your area and making community connections.

• Access to learning sessions on topics such as environmental weeds, re-vegetation, local ecosystems, waterway management, endangered species, native plant and animal identification, chemical use etc.

• Access to funding opportunities which you manage, that assist you to protect the natural resources in your area.
• Newsletter

• Access to low cost indigenous plants.
 Development of new skills

 Property site assessments