Friends of Minak Reserve

The Friends of Minak Reserve meet on the first Sunday of every month, except January, at the Creek in the reserve at 11am. Or by prior arrangement we can meet at Selby Community House. 

Minak Reserve is located near the Selby Community House arcoss the oval on the North side. It is of high conservation value (EVC) arising from the old growth trees and resulting fauna and avifauna (birds). There is a rich understory and floral diversity.

Our ecologist member, Darcy Duggan has been working in the reserve for over 20years and is a highly valuable consultant who guides us and our activities.

Minak Reserves contains over 70 habitat hollows in trees that are old enough to have formed them, providing invaluable habitat for many species of fauna that are rare or threatened in many other parts of Australia.

Visit this special reserve to experience something you won't find in many other places so close to the Melbourne CBD. Use our contact page to find out how you can get involved.