Friends of Hazel Vale Valley Tecoma

Friends of Hazel Vale Valley has been working now for 4 years in the valley bordered by Hazel Vale and McNicol Roads in.  Tecoma which leads into Birdsland Reserve on its southern end. The valley is the home of a number of rare species including the Powerful Owl and Yellowbellied Glider as well as more common species such as the Eastern Yellow Robin and Whipbirds. There are also a number of significant plant species that are becoming rarer in other parts of the wider Monbulk Creek Valley. Over many years this narrow valley, surrounded as it is by roads and housing, had been neglected to the point that much of the native vegetation was severely and adversely impacted by invasive weeds.

In reward for our efforts we are seeing the return of a number of native species such as Austral Clematis Clematis aristata, Weeping grass Microlaena stipoides,  Kidney weed Dichondra repens,  and even ferns such as the Gristle Fern Blechnumcartilagineum and Common Maidenhair Adiantum aethiopicum.


Our group has recently begun testing the water in Hazel Vale Creek both at the confluence with Monbulk Creek in Birdsland and where it comes out of the drain at the corner of McNicol and Hazel Vale Roads. Initial results show that our creek is very high in salt, something that might bear further investigation. Tests are carried out once a month.


We have held several community events to involve the local residents, such as a Weed Trade Day, where people remove weeds from their properties to bring along and in return receive free indigenous plants.  We have also conducted a residents fauna survey and a community planting day, all of which were very successful.