Friends of German Gully

Friends of German Gully are a small informal group interested in re-vegetating the area surrounding German Creek, and therefore assisting in improving the health of our little creek. We meet on an ad-hoc basis mainly doing individual planting, group applications for funded plant programs, sharing information about local vegetation, planting programs etc. We’re always interested in anyone else in the area joining us – there is no regular time commitment.

For further information use our contact page.

German Gully definition

German Gully is an area to the east of Birds Land, bounded by Birds Land, Mt Morton Road, a creek line to the north and a line to the south that extends from Vista Road west. German Creek flows through the gully into Birdsland.

The Birds Land Reserve includes German Gully (or Germans Gully), which was owned by the German family of Otto Plarre, before and during World War Two. Aviaries of birds of prey were kept there. (Context Pty. Ltd. 1999:82; Dandenong Ranges Historical Council 1996:9.)

German Gully was owned by the Church of Freedom in the 1970s and 1980s. (Context Pty. Ltd. 1999:82.)

The German Gully was recently identified as a site of historical significance. (Dandenong Ranges Historical Council 1996:9.) (Courtesy Shire of Yarra Ranges)