Landcare Features of the Southern Dandenongs

We have pages dedicated to the following vegetation types:

  • Ferns
  • Goundcovers
  • Mid-storey
  • Trees

Featuring: Plant of the Month, Weed of the Month, Monthly Rainfall Maps of Victoria, Rainfall Stats for Scoresby and Ferny Creek

Plant of the Month

April 2013 - Common Appleberry

It's distribution around Australia:


Weed of the Month 

April 2013 - Wandering Jew

This prolific weed infests our waterways and damp areas. 

It can be raked up then poisened or easily rolled up in a mass.


Monthly Rainfall Figures

Collected by Auxilium College: coming....

Bureau of Meterology-

Victoria Rainfall Maps:

2013 March:









2013 February



2013 January




2012 December


Rainfall Statistics for Weather Stations at:

Ferny Creek 2011 - 2013.

Scoresby 1948 - 2013