There are many sources of funding in the form of grants that SDLG applies for to support Friends Groups and Landcare Projects. These are documented in the Landcare Community Grants Guide available from the Victorian Lancare Gateway Web Site

The funding sources that SDLG typically applies for are:

# Funding Source Grant Name

Melbourne Water

  1. Project Support small grants up to $1,000
  2. Ambassadors program for community engagement
  3. River Health Support Grant up to $20,000
2 DEPI - the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industry  
  1.  Communities for Nature, small grants up to $10,000 and large grants up to $150,000
3 Port Philip Water Catchment and Management Authority
  1. New Member Incentive Kits, Membership Drive and Promotion Day
  2. Green Tracks - Trains Weeds and Community Belgrave
  3. Landcare Networks Facilitator Grant 
4 Yarra Ranges Council
  1. Festivals and Events Grants
  2. Ward Funding grants - now abolished.
  3. Small community engagement grants from  the Environment department.