The Fauna Survey Group from Field Naturalists Club of Victoria

Hello Friends and Landcarers All,

Here is an opportunity for all of you who would like to learn more about wildlife in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  The Fauna Survey Group from the highly regarded Field Naturalists Club of Victoria is looking for interested people to assist with surveys over the next couple of years.  See following letter from Robin Drury.

As we all know, we are losing wildlife habitat, particularly old trees with nesting hollows, at an alarming rate, due mainly to residential pressure, fuel reduction programs on public and private land and climate change.  As a result, many environment groups are installing nestboxes for various species in wildlife corridors and bio-links to provide habitat.   SDLG is concentrating on the Monbulk Creek Corridor which links the Dandenong Ranges National Park to Birdsland Reserve and Lysterfield Lake Park.   These boxes have to be monitored regularly to ensure they are not being used by pest birds such as Indian mynas, bees and European wasps.  SDLG would eventually like to establish a monitoring survey group and who better to teach survey skills than the Field Nats.  Makes a great change from weeds if you are looking for something different to do!

Hi All,

Robin Drury here from the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria.

Over the next couple of years we are working with Parks Victoria to carry out a vertebrate fauna survey in the following parkland complexes – Cardinia Creek, Lysterfield, Dandenong Valley and Sandbelt. The project will include surveys for bats, birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs.

We hope you would like to be involved.

The total scope of the project is still subject to grant success, but it will proceed, even if it has to be scaled down. I will keep you up to date with these developments.

This weekend we are commencing with bat trapping and spotlighting in the Cardinia area. On Friday night it will be at Cardinia Reservoir, Saturday at Inglis Road, Beaconsfield and on Sunday night Critchley and Selby.

Friday evening starts at 6 pm with byo barbee at Crystal Brook Picnic Ground, Cardinia Reservoir. We will be putting up some bat traps and spotlighting then checking the bat traps. On Saturday morning about 6:45 am we will collect up the traps and process any bats then have a byo bush breakfast.

Saturday night will start at 7pm at the access gate on Inglis Rd, a couple of hundred metres west of the creek. We will collect the traps and process animals at 6:45 Sunday. Sunday night and Monday morning details will be advised.

I apologise for the short notice. If you cannot make it this weekend, but are still interested in being involved, please let me know and I will keep you in the loop.


Robin Drury

PS: I can also be contacted on 0417195148